Dhruv Kohli


I am a PhD candidate in Mathematics at UC San Diego.
My research areas are geometric data analysis, manifold learning, spectral graph theory and optimal transport.
My PhD focuses on the following key questions:
  1. How to obtain low distortion low-dimensional local representations of high-dimensional data while accounting for the global geometry of the data manifold.
  2. How to integrate these local representations in an efficient and robust manner to produce a low-distortion global embedding.
  3. How does the distortion incurred in the low-dimensional embedding impacts the performance of the downstream tasks.

My advisors are Alex Cloninger and Gal Mishne.



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Mindthegap: An opensource tracing software that converts bitmaps into vector graphics.

My winning solution for the Nvidia CUDA Coding Challenge India 2014.

Labmates, collaborators and friends (in lexicographic order): Jesse He, Samantha Chen, Sawyer Robertson, Sowmya Manojna, Tristan Brugere.